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Find Superior Quality Maid Services with The Maids

As per our experience, most of our clients have been cleaning their own homes on their own and have never hired maid services. Exactly like them, do you find yourself sick and tired of cleaning your own home or your possibly thinking about hiring a reliable maid service but having difficulty choosing a quality and trustworthy service? With The Maids also serving Fairfax VA, Gainesville VA and Haymarket VA, you can undoubtedly count on our excellent maids services because we only use the best cleaning materials and technology in the market by means of our national franchise affiliation.

Teams You Can Depend On: Screened, Bonded & Insured

Over 90% of our customers trust us to keep their keys. Yes. They know that our employees are very carefully screened and also trained. Additionally, we demand proper documentation, bond deposits and insurance membership to our employees to ensure that even your property is safe with us. With that, even injuries while at work or even damages to your property are covered. Because your home security is also crucial to us, we've conceptualized a method that will keep track of the keys as well as the employee's login and logout time. We've actually created a buddy-buddy system wherein every member is responsible to one another.

Outstanding Cleaning with Our Team Cleaning Maid Services

Based upon our analysis, The Maids also serving Fairfax VA, Gainesville VA and Haymarket VA team cleaning approach regarding maid services is more preferable than individual cleaning approach. Each and every working team is composed of four uniformed workers who are professionally trained and trained in the utilization of most advanced technology in cleaning equipment and supplies. Task assignment is given to each and every member and each member is responsible for those particular tasks. Using this system, we believe that they will become more efficient in cleaning your house. Immediately after cleaning, we have designated a team leader who is going to make sure that 22-Step Cleaning process was observed in every area of your home.

Systematic Cleaning System

We have equipped our teams with the expertise of cleaning systematically, integrating the most effective cleaning method coupled with innovative technology and cleaning materials available. Our Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning system is undoubtedly designed to ensure that our maid services completely and entirely clean each surface in your home, from the tile in the bathroom, to the interior of your microwave, to your kitchen floors. The cabinets and also furniture will look as clean as new and even the dusts resting below your bed will not be able to escape. Your kitchen glass window will start looking clear once more and your cleaned doors would likely save you from another painting works. Sign up with The Maids maid services and we'll have someone to assist you to create the best strategy for your needs. You may be interested to add our exclusive maintenance cleaning of any part of your house which we will clean regularly, be it your garage, kitchen, bathroom or even ceilings.

Reliability and Flexibility of Maid Services from The Maids

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More often than not, the desires of our clients differ based on the season. Complications such as maid being sick typically occur and hiring maid services from a big company such as The Maids could leave you worry-free. If one of our team members is sick, a member from another team will fill in, if not the remaining team members will spend more time to make sure your home gets the cleaning it needs.

We take care of it on your behalf. Furthermore, if you need to reschedule, or even need a special same day service, we have the resources to handle your special needs. Additionally, we provide many special services on a regular basis just like window cleaning, garage cleaning, as well as kitchen cabinet re-organization which can help eliminate levels of stress. When you really need a special job accomplished, you will always have somebody you can get in touch with.

Give The Maids a Chance to be Your Quality Maid Services

Whether you are looking for a change in maid services or even want to get maid services the first time, you will notice that The Maids will give you just what you wish. Reliable, dependable, on-time maid services which render quality cleaning at a reasonable price.