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Hiring a Housekeeping service Fairfax VA

Are you becoming tired in keeping up with all the house chores just like cleaning the house, preparing meals and driving the kids to their after school activities? Hiring a housekeeping service can help by making sure your home is clean every time we stop by, leaving you to enjoy the time with your family. However, how do you choose an ideal housekeeping service? The following list is important questions you should be asking yourself when hiring a housekeeper.

Are they bonded and insured?

People presume that most businesses carry insurance against accidents and protection against thefts. Many independent maid services assume that you are insured however there are times that your homeowners insurance doesn't deal with every situation. Opt to get a reliable company like The Maids Virginia when hiring a housekeeping service, their workers are bonded and insured.

What about employee documentation?

Undocumented workers are being used by other cleaning companies in order to cut costs. The Maids serving Virginia makes sure all employees are fully documented.

Taxes, social security and workman's compensation: Do they pay these?

Time will come that you'll be aware that no matter how much of a good deal you got with your housekeeping service, you still need to pay the hidden fees that are assessed after the cleaning. The regular service agreement of locally owned franchise just like The Maids Mansassas Virginia already incorporates taxes, social security as well as other costs. Absolutely no need for you to carry out added paperwork as well as pay for hidden charges.

What exactly is their method in hiring, screening and training their personnel?

Trust is important, and it is one of the factors to consider whenever hiring a housekeeping service, try to find someone you can depend on in your home. Are employee references checked by the company you are considering? Do they have a criminal background check? Do they hire their own employees or use subcontractors? Maid training might not be provided if the company makes use of subcontractors. Reliability, criminal background and also cleaning knowledge of employees are what The Maids do, and in addition we give our employees extensive training in research based cleaning methods. Moreover, they are really provided with periodic re-training to keep them current.

Who supplies the equipment and cleaning solutions?

Letting the employer provide equipment and cleaning solutions is one method for many maid services to cut their expenses. Not all homeowners have got top quality cleaning equipment and supplies. The Maids only uses proven cleaning products that are also environmentally friendly so that your home remains safe, even right after a cleaning. Allergens and dirt found under the furniture as well as in corners can be taken off with the use of our backpack vacuum with HEPA filter, something that a traditional vacuum can't do. Our bio-based cleaning formulas can easily remove staph, E-coli and other bacteria, it is also non-pathogenic.

References: Are they readily available and furnished to you?

A reliable company will be able to provide customer references to help you in hiring a housekeeper you can trust. Customer references are important in deciding on whether or not the service is actually something they can recommend. Does the company and its employees treat them nicely? Find out if they speak about it enthusiastically. Our customers at The Maids frequently inform us that we are actually the first company whose housekeepers cleaned their home completely. Spending a little bit of time finding out that the maid service you are hiring is reliable and trustworthy will be something you won't regret.

Customer guarantee: Do they supply this?

Customer satisfaction guarantee is readily available by companies who are certain that they can render excellent service. Your concerns ought to be instantly addressed to the company, therefore always have in mind to have their contact details in case your are not satisfied with their service.

Versatility of Cleaning Schedules: Is the company flexible?

When they have an employee who is ill, are they going to cancel your cleaning? Hiring a housekeeping service like The Maids, which is actually a large team service company, you are guaranteed that the appointed cleaning day will definitely carry on even though a single personnel allotted to you is ill. Furthermore, a larger company is usually often more versatile in relation to changing your appointed cleaning should you prefer a different day.

Quality of Service: How is it Monitored?

Are there surveys you are able to check? Will you have a chance to give feedback? Are employees checked regularly? If hiring a housekeeping service, you want a company that cares about quality control and development. Each team of professional assigned to you by The Maids has team manager which ensures that each member performs each task correctly and in a timely manner.

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