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Excellent Home Cleaning Service Starts with Unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System

Cleaning Services Fairfax VaMaids Healthy Touch® is a detailed cleaning system that was designed to bring a better living condition to your family and home. Healthy Touch® is  based on a 22-step plan of action which  targets every area of your home: kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, and windows. 

Our 22-Step Healthy Touch Tour


  • Clean sink - Regardless of whether the kitchen sink seems to be really clean, it's quite possible that bacteria still remains. For this reason The Maids concentrates on cleaning your sink as thoroughly as possible so you don't have to worry about remaining bacteria.
  • Clean exteriors of appliances - Perhaps even the little fingerprints and even smudges can be noticeable with today's appliances. The Maids ensure that your appliances are always spotless no matter.
  • Clean inside microwave - The Maids disinfects the inside of your microwave oven, leaving you worry-free to clean up hard to reach areas.
  • Clean range top - With Maids, your range top will always be thoroughly clean as well as free of any food remnants.
  • Damp wipe cabinet doors - Grease is considered the major enemy of our sparkling kitchen. The home can look dull and ugly because of the dust particles as well as dirt and grime that is gathered by the grease. The Maids wipe down your cabinets and removes grease and other build up, leaving you with a clean kitchen.
  • Clean counters - Kitchen counters are the most widely used area of your kitchen and The Maids takes note of that. We thoroughly disinfects your kitchen counter tops so that bacteria and germs are eliminated.
  • Hand wash floor - Your kitchen is the gathering place for family and friends, this brings in a lot of germs and dirt. The Maids will wash your floors and make it safe for anyone entering the room even small children and toddlers.
  • Load dishwasher - No one likes cleaning the dishes so let The Maids take care of it. We will load your dishwasher leaving you to relax.


  • Pick up and straighten - The Maids will not only clean your home but also straighten up any room that has clutter and trash. We'll leave your house better than when we came in.
  • Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings - Those are the places that you probably won't notice, however The Maids does and we clean all these hard to reach areas, leaving them disinfected and dust free.
  • Remove cobwebs - Don't grab the broom to get those hard to reach cobwebs, The Maids will remove all the cobwebs without having you lifting a finger.
  • Dust/vacuum furniture - Furniture collects dust overtime, it's inevitable. The Maids 22-step Healthy Touch System includes wiping all the furniture and/or vacuuming.
  • Vacuum floors, carpets - All carpeting and rugs will be vacuumed by the Maids Home Services. Each carpet is going to be vacuumed thoroughly to eliminate dirt even at the edges.
  • Vacuum stairs - Stairs are tricky to vacuum because you need to lug that heavy vacuum cleaner around, our specialized backup makes you having to vacuum the stairs a thing of the past.
  • Vacuum under beds - We make sure to vacuum the entire house, including under the beds. We also change out the bed linens and replace them with fresh ones.
  • Empty trash - The service wouldn't be complete without including taking out the trash.


  • Clean sinks, Counters and Change towels - Everyone enjoys a clean bathroom, we disinfect the entire room and even change out your hand and bath towels.
  • Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, showers - Cleaning toilets, tubs and showers are home owners' least favorite task. Let The Maids take care of it.
  • Hand wash, disinfect floors - Bathroom floors are often forgotten, we won't forget it. We'll even do it on our hands and knees for that deep clean.
  • Clean entry window - Clean windows can give your house a much better curb appeal.

We Use Green Cleaning Supplies to Make Your Home Shine 

Cleaning chemicals can be dangerous. To avoid this, we have developed our own cleaning solutions that not only leaves surfaces spotless clean, but also do dot impose any danger to your household. All our employees are specifically trained to use those solutions to maximize the cleaning effect. 

Our team cleans deeply, leaving your home feeling and smelling fresh. Many cleaning services don't offer the type of comprehensive cleaning like The Maids. We will even clean your fridge!

Our commitment to the best cleanings made us the most referred cleaning service in the area. We offer our services to residents of Gainesville, Haymarket, Springfield, Warrenton, Bristow, Centreville and many other locations! Give us a call to schedule your cleaning appointment!