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The Maids of Manassas

The Maids are there for all your house cleaning needs, we care about our customers and our employees, AND we can prove it.

We ask for feedback from every cleaning via a postage-paid postcard that allows our customers to rate each team member's job in their home. We use this card to evaluate our cleaning and training efforts. We clean better because we clean more in depth; for instance, we keep your ceiling fans and baseboards free of dust. We also use specifically designed equipment and selected supplies.

Our staff is committed to customer service and we try to consistently deliver the personalized service that you deserve. We care about what we do. Your feedback only helps to improve your service.

House Cleaning Tips

The Maids has positioned itself as a leader and expert in home cleaning and maid services. If cleaning your home is too daunting of a task, consider the following cleaning tips as your ticket to a cleaner, healthier home

Home Cleaning Products too Costly? Consider these healthy alternatives.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Guests! Keep this checklist handy for impromptu hosting:

  • Use a laundry basket to pick up miscellaneous items and store in a bedroom closet
  • Close all doors to bedrooms and other rooms not intended for guests.
  • Make room in the coat closet for guest's coats.
  • Place extra rolls of toilet paper in a decorative basket in the bathroom.
  • Wipe off fingerprints on appliances.
  • Remove any dishes from the sink or countertops.
  • Light dust the coffee table and other spots where guests will congregate.
  • Vacuum high traffic areas.
  • Burn scented candles in the bathroom and kitchen or set out potpourri.
  • Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your company.

Does Your Home Make You Sniffle?

Use these house cleaning tips to cope with allergies:

  • Thoroughly clean places where molds flourish, like drain pans under your refrigerator, old flowerpots and shower curtains.
  • Encase box springs, mattresses and pillows in allergy-proof covers to keep dust and dust mites away.
  • Clean and service air conditioning units to remove pollen and other allergens trapped during prior use.
  • Always wash bedding in hot water (at least 130 F) to kill dust mites and launder every one to two weeks.
  • Dust regularly. Wear a mask if you are allergic to dust and replace dusting cloths often to prevent dust transfer from one piece of furniture to the next.
  • Stay away from dustwands, brooms and feather dusters. These tools merely move dirt and dust around. Vacuum all surfaces thoroughly, preferably with a -HEPA-filter vacuum, catching dust on baseboards, high ledges, upholstery and ceiling fans.
  • Restrict your pet's movement to as few rooms as possible, especially with regards to bedrooms. Frequently damp-wipe feeding areas and launder bedding often.

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