How to Make a Beautiful Bed

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House Cleaning Manassas

A made bed pulls an entire bedroom together, bringing the attention right where you want it to be. Depending on how you want your bedroom to look and feel, there are some great tips for making your bed look as beautiful as it is comfortable.

The best maid services make the bed for you while cleaning, but how can you keep that fresh look all the time? Here are some ideas!

>> Use good sheets. I love good cotton sheets, but you should pick the ones you like the best, clean them well, and air them out when you can. There’s nothing like climbing into a bed with clean, comfortable sheets!

>> Pull the fitted sheet tight. Are you a toss-and-turner, or do you sleep with one? If you do, this is especially important for you. When you put your fitted sheet on, make sure you pull those corners down tight and tuck them under the mattress.

not a bad idea to walk around the bed and tuck any exposed bits of sheet under the mattress, as well.

>> Choose your style. What kind of bed do you like, and more importantly, what kind of bed-maker are you? Do you want several layers or a fast, easy-to-make bed? The one you choose will determine your next steps:

--Simpler look. This is the method you definitely want to use to encourage your children to make their beds! Just straighten the top sheet and blanket and tuck them under the mattress.

--Layered look. Start with the top sheet, and put it on upside down. Then, lay a thin blanket over the sheet and fold them down together (about a foot and a half of fabric), then tuck them under the mattress together. The sheet will                        show a finished edge over the top of the blanket and showcase every layer.

>> Finish with a duvet or comforter and pillows. For the simple choice, you can either add your comforter and layer pillows on top, or fold down your comforter about  two feet, place the pillows at the top of the bed, and fold the comforter over the pillows for a more uniform appearance. If you’re going layered, straighten the duvet and fold down just enough to show off your clever blanket handiwork.

Voila! A bed that’s as charming as it is inviting in a few easy steps you can add to your daily house cleaning. 

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