How to Enjoy House Cleaning

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If you are a reluctant housekeeper, you might dread that list of chores you know is waiting for you. While hiring a maid service is really helpful at cutting down on that list, there will always be those household tasks you’ll have to do There’s got to be a way to make house cleaning just a little less boring, right?

Here’s a few ideas for making the time you spend cleaning a little more enjoyable:

Mix the things you hate to do with the things you like to do. There’s always that one chore or two you absolutely can’t stand, but there’s probably a few you like, too. Folding laundry and sweeping are tasks I don’t mind, but dusting and vacuuming stinks!

It’s a natural tendency to put off the things you don’t like to do, but then you just end up with a bunch of chores you hate to do, and you might not get everything finished. Instead, stick something you like to do between a few of the tasks you’d rather skip.

It will give you a little breather and make the whole thing more enjoyable.

Build in a distraction. Some chores require all of your attention, but some—mercifully—don’t. Try pairing chores with a distraction. Watch a movie or TV show while you fold clothes, for instance; or talk to your spouse or a friend while you wash the dishes.

Throw on some music and dance around while you sweep or vacuum. This is about getting through the job, so don’t feel too self-conscious about your mid-clean dance moves!

Appreciate your handiwork. Take a few minutes when you’re all done cleaning to really admire what you’ve done. Step back, look around, and appreciate the work you’ve put into that neat pile of laundry, the empty sink, or the clean cabinets. That rewarding feeling you get for a job well done will make it easier to clean again next time.

A clean house is safer, healthier, and more relaxing for you, your family, and your friends, so power through those chores with these tips. It might seem tough in the beginning, but you’ll be glad you did.

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