House Cleaning: What’s Your Motivation?

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You want to clean but you’re having a hard time getting started—if this is you, you’ve run head-on into a complete lack of motivation. It seems like the more something needs to be done, the harder it is to find the motivation to do it. Time is short and your to-do list is long, but finding the motivation for house cleaning will be a great boost to your relaxation and confidence in your house when you finish.

If your schedule is crammed too tightly for house cleaning and your options are to skip cleaning or skip important time with your family and friends, a call to cleaning services might be the right first step for you. If not, keep reading after the jump to get some tips on how to get motivated to clean.

The Vision Plan 

One of the greatest motivations is the end result. Unfortunately, by the time you get to the end result—well, there’s nothing left to be motivated to do! This is where coming up with an idea of what you want your house to look like when it’s clean will help get you started.

Take a look around the first room you want to clean, then try to imagine what it will look like when it’s clean. How will you arrange things? Will you decorate? Treat yourself to a new blanket, decorative pillow, or picture frame? If the room is messy enough, write a list or draw a picture of your vision and hang it on the door. Having these goals in mind will make it easier to get started and keep going—knowing what you’re working for makes a big difference in motivation.

As Fun as Possible

Cleaning is probably never going to be on your “things-I-really-want-to-do” list, but it can be less difficult and boring if you find ways to make it fun. Reward yourself with a TV show, a chapter in a book, or some time on the computer whenever you accomplish a big goal.

If you’re doing something that allows you to listen to music while you clean, this is a big boost! It’s amazing what a little bit of your favorite music can do to your house cleaning to do lis!

Focus on One Task at a Time

It’s tempting to look at the overall picture, but that will only make you feel overwhelmed. Break it down into rooms or even sections of rooms. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment and keep you focused on the task at hand so you’re less overwhelmed by the other things that need to be accomplished.

Finding your house cleaning motivation will help you have a clean house today and every day.

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