Home Safety: How Cleaning Makes a Difference

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How safe is your home? When you ask a question like that, most people talk about the locks they have on their doors or how recently they changed their fire detectors. How often do you think of house cleaning  as an important step in house safety?

The answer is probably not too often, but keeping the house clean yourself or with the help of a maid service can actually improve the safety and health of you and your family.

Falls, Trips, and Your Not-So-Funny Bone

A room full of clutter, boxes, or displaced furniture is a skinned knee or sore elbow waiting to happen. The more clutter you have, the less floor space, and that makes you more likely to trip or fall over things in your home.

If you’ve ever accidentally hit your funny bone or knee on your desk, cabinet, or other object, you know how much it hurts, and no one wants that discomfort.

Fire Safety

Clutter, especially paper and clothes, becomes a huge fire hazard anytime it’s close to a heat source. This includes wires, sockets, or electronics that could sort out in addition to heat sources you expect, like the stove or heater. Even if the clutter is not near a known heat source, should an area of your house catch on fire, having piles of clutter could spread the fire more easily.

Cleaning out the clutter is a great first step to improving your safety, and should be part of your fire safety plan.


Whether it’s germs from cross-contamination in the kitchen causing nausea or mold growing in your walls that makes you more susceptible to respiratory problems, getting sick from your house is not only possible, it has probably already happened without you knowing what was causing your illness!

Take steps to make sure your home is disinfected regularly and cleaned and inspected often for signs of mold, insects, and rodents that could bring in germs and diseases.

Keeping your house clean is not just a matter of aesthetics, it can also help ensure you and your family and friends stay safe and healthy.

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