Everyday Tips for Organization

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ContainersTaking on an organization problem looks intimidating, but breaking it down into easy, manageable steps you can use to clean and maintain every day will have you looking at an organized house in no time.

Maintenance is the key to good housekeeping. If you clean as you go, you won’t be stuck with a huge project later. Here are some ideas to put that into practice:

Don’t leave empty handed. When you’re first starting on organizing a room, find all of the items that don’t belong and remove them, taking them back to the room from which they came. Then, as you maintain, make it a point not to leave any room without taking something that doesn’t belong back to where it goes.

Have a place for everything. Every item in your home needs a place where it can stay when not in use: a remote control in a rack or on top of the TV, magazines in the same place on the coffee table every time, or books on a bookshelf in the office. Designate a place for everything and make it a point to put things away when you finish with them. Doing so will give you a tidy home all the time.

Use containers. You likely have little things in every room that don’t have a particular place to be. Keepsakes, buttons, or small toys are good examples of things that need a container. Give those loose items a home with some simple baskets are plastic containers that can be either set out on a dresser or desk or slipped into a drawer.

Wash dishes every day. Nothing makes a kitchen look dirtier than a sink full of dishes. Take a few minutes every day to was the dishes that are in the sink or load them in the dishwasher. You will be glad you did when your kitchen looks nice and neat!

Make beds. The single best way to make any bedroom look instantly nicer is to make the bed. Even if you don’t think anyone will see it, make it for yourself. Having a tidy-looking bedroom will make you feel better every time you walk in, and that’s worth it.

Just adding a few habits into the things you do every day can make your home look tidier. If you are behind on cleaning, though; and you need some help, hiring a maid service will give you a clean home in which to relax.

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