Cleaning for Thanksgiving Guests

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When you are expecting a house full of guests, you might feel a bit intimidated by the cleaning that lies ahead. Find a maid service to help, or focus on the things that matter most if you are going to clean on your own.

Where will your guests eat?

Whether you have a large Thanksgiving table planned, a small gathering around a kitchen table, or family and friends spread out across couches and chairs in the living room, you’re going to want to focus first on the room in which your guests will eat.

In addition to wiping down the table, wipe down the chairs and take care of any marks on the walls, as well. Vacuum or sweep the floor and make sure everything is in place. As your company sits down to eat and talk, you will be proud of the room and much more relaxed.

Where is the toilet paper?

It might seem silly, but every guest will probably visit the bathroom at some point during the day. Clean the sink, counter, toilet, tub, and floor.  Finally, make sure there’s fresh hand soap, a clean towel, and yes, extra toilet paper!

What will your guests do?

Are you going to have the TV playing parades and football games? Are you encouraging your guests to talk, drink, or play games? Whatever your plan, figure out where those activities will take place and clean those rooms.

If you plan on watching football in the living room, vacuum the carpet, wipe or polish your tables, and clean the TV itself. If your friends are going to be sitting around your basement chatting, clean the room, including vacuuming or dusting the chairs. This will have a bigger impact then you realize and make a good impression on all of yoru guests.

Can you close the door?

Your favorite aunt, as nice as she is, probably doesn’t need to see your son’s bedroom or your daughter’s bathroom. If you don’t have time to clean every nook and cranny of your back rooms, don’t worry about it. Close the doors and enjoy your company without worry.

When you focus on the areas your guests use most, you will be able to host your Thanksgiving meal and be confident that they are seeing a clean house. If you want a little extra peace of mind, good cleaning services address every room for you!

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